Services & Activities

ETC Services are deployed in defined ‘common operational areas', i.e. areas approved by the Humanitarian Country Team in which the majority of United Nations agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations are based.

ETC Services

Asset 912

Voice communication is essential for effective communication, regardless of the situation or customer segment.

Asset 757

The ETC provides technology solutions and infrastructure support to local broadcasters affected by disasters.

Asset 738

The ETC establishes effective two-way communication systems that facilitate dialogue between local communities and assistance providers.

Asset 910

Access to the internet has become an essential service for all ETC users.

Asset 762

The ETC provides technical support for users to enable them to access all ETC services, including Internet connectivity and telephony.

Asset 914

Two-way VHF radio networks to cover common operational areas.

Drones for efficient and effective enhancement of traditional humanitarian response solutions.

ETC Activities

Asset 673

Ensuring collaboration with partners and relevant groups.

Asset 745

The ETC conducts Information Management (IM) and communications activities at the global level as well as for operations in which the ETC/ETS is activated.

Asset 756

The ETC works with high-risk countries to strengthen ICT capacity and build resilience, collaborating with national and local government agencies, civil society, humanitarian agencies, the private sector, and communities.

Asset 770

The ETC considers preparedness at all stages of a response plan and conducts sustainable activities that contribute to country resilience and ICT preparedness.

Asset 963

The ETC works on building the capacity of humanitarian responders through training, simulation, and self-paced e-learning courses