User Support

The ETC provides technical support for users to enable them to access all ETC services, including Internet connectivity and telephony.

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User Support for Humanitarian Organisations

Purpose: Humanitarian workers need support to connect to ETC services and access to basic office facilities included printing, scanning and device charging facilities.

Description: A common space is made available, such as a humanitarian hub with support staff to troubleshoot connectivity problems and any other basic IT support for their device, with the following office services: printing, scanning, access to power for laptops and other personal devices.

User Support for National and Local Authorities

Purpose: Where the ETC supports the national authorities with a service such as Internet connectivity, this service comes with support to access and use this service.

Description: Where the ETC provides an Internet service with Wi-Fi access control, the authorities using the services will be supported with user authentication.

User Support for the Affected Population

Purpose: In order to remove all barriers to access information and existing coping mechanisms, the ETC provides user support to the affected population in the form of charging stations and in relation to services delivered to them by ETC (e.g., internet connectivity). Access to electricity is a challenge in many contexts and can be a barrier to accessing otherwise available mobile networks.

Description: The ETC enables the affected population to access all services that it makes available to humanitarian responders, for example user authentication for an internet service as well as charging stations complete with electrical power solutions that enable affected communities to charge their mobile devices and contact their families and humanitarian hotlines.

User Support Solutions

Help Desk Module: Partner organisations including the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), develop and support a Helpdesk module for humanitarians which includes user support, printing, scanning, GPS device support and device charging.

Charging Kiosks: Charging kiosks where the affected population can charge their mobile devices are supported.

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