Kimberly Brown of the GSMA joins our Strategic Advisory Group

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster's (ETC) Strategic Advisory Group (SAG): Kimberly Brown, Head of Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation at the GSMA.

Kimberly Brown will be taking on the role of humanitarian sector representative, succeeding FanMan Tsang from CDAC. With her extensive expertise and passion for making a difference, we are confident she will be an invaluable asset to our team.

GSMA has been a proud Global ETC partner since 2019, actively engaging with the ETC network for several years. Their commitment to preparedness efforts and support during emergency response activities has been commendable. They have offered thought leadership, expertise, and valuable assistance in fulfilling the ETC's crucial mandate.

Mobile networks and connectivity play a vital role in disaster-stricken areas, acting as lifelines for affected communities. GSMA's Humanitarian Connectivity Charter, established in 2015, has been instrumental in empowering Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to enhance preparedness and resilience to emergencies. Through their vast member network, GSMA facilitates connectivity solutions by forging connections with local MNOs, both during response and preparedness operations.

GSMA's collaboration with MNOs has provided essential data on local mobile networks and facilitated crucial connections with local mobile network providers. Their contributions to the disaster connectivity maps, a joint initiative between ETC, ITU, and GSMA hosted by ITU, have played a pivotal role in enabling rapid decision-making during various ETC operations.

Additionally, GSMA's efforts to amplify services for communities in different countries and humanitarian contexts have been remarkable. Working closely with ETC partner REACH and the Global ETC, they have co-developed the Connectivity, Needs, and Usage Assessment (CoNUA) Toolkit. This toolkit focuses on improving the effective design of ETC services for communities, benefiting operations in multiple instances. It's now available in five languages on the GSMA website.

Let's extend a warm welcome to Kimberly Brown as she joins the ETC SAG. Together, we are committed to enhancing the effectiveness and impact of emergency telecommunications for the betterment of communities in need.