Let's Comm Refresher 2024

09:00 am GMT

Update: The 2024 edition of this course is now cancelled. 

This is a virtual course that will include a mix of live sessions and self-paced e-learning.

Seats: 16

Application Deadline: 3 May, 2024 (Midnight GMT)

Course Load: 31-38 hours, over 5 weeks (please refer to the course flow)

Let's Comm Refresher Course Flow


There is no fee for the 5-week course. At a minimum, participants will require a laptop (or equivalent) with access to a stable internet connection and permission to install radio programming software. The provision of eLearning through the WFP WeLearn Learning Management System (WeLearn) is at no extra cost to the individual or source organisation. Live sessions will require adequate bandwidth as online meeting facilities will be used.   


Target Audience 

This course is primarily for humanitarian ICT staff with telecommunications focus who need to refresh their skills in deploying VHF radio infrastructure. Participants need to already have completed a full Let’s Comm course in the past.



Pre-requisite (Applicant must meet the following to apply): 

  • Done a Let’s Comm course 2018 or prior



  • Knowledge of the UN SCS VHF / UHF standards.  

  • Knowledge of the standard radio procedures and the UN Callsign Allocation Sheet. 


Please note: 

  • This is a remote programme and participants will be expected to be fully engaged and available for all elements of the course syllabus. 

  • Although the eLearning modules are self-paced, they link to subsequent sessions and must be completed by the scheduled dates (please refer to the course flow) 

  • Live online sessions will require full attendance and absence from such events may result in a lack of completion certificates for the participants. 

  • As part of the overall course load, the course requires the completion of a task book which includes exercises to apply and practice the knowledge and skills refreshed through the course, on-the-job.  Participants must engage with their supervisors prior to applying for the course to ensure that they can be provided with opportunities to complete practical assignments in their own work environment. 




1. Application Form 

Please fill out the application form online here. (Note that incomplete forms will not be considered) 


2. Endorsement Letter 

All applicants must ensure that their respective management and immediate supervisors have endorsed their application.  This endorsement can be shared as an email from the supervisor or as a document on the official letterhead (signed by the supervisor) and should confirm the following:

  • applicant's availability and release for the duration of the programme including the designated number of hours per week and commitment to attend the live virtual sessions each week 
  • Technical skills and experience in radio communications 

  • The likelihood/ability of the candidate being deployed to the field for an emergency in the future 

  • Where applicable, the applicant will be able to complete assignments on SCS systems in their own work environment 


3. Updated C.V. and related course certificates


Note that application screening will be on a first-come, first-served basis while considering the complete application package. For your application to be considered complete, please email with a screenshot of the application form, supervisor endorsement letter, your C.V. and related course certificates. Application results will be announced by May 15,  2024.