gear.UP 2024

Nehausen, near Stuttgart, Germany
09:00 am GMT

  Applications open Applications for gear.UP 2024 are now open
  Consult the application section below for full instructions 
  Application closing date: May 31 (1800 CEST)

Update: Deadline extended June 7

Exercise Description

gear.UP is a large-scale inter-agency operational exercise and functional training event designed to further advance the emergency response capabilities of the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) and the Logistics Cluster. It provides personnel from participating organisations of each cluster with opportunities to practice and train on various emergency response functions, and to support each other as they would in a real emergency. 

This intensive 8-day field exercise is prepared by the World Food Programme (WFP), as global lead of the ETC and Logistics Cluster, generously hosted by Technisches Hilfswerk (THW) and made possible with support from Ericsson Response, German Federal Foreign Office, and the Government of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

  • Exercise Duration: 8 days 
  • Location: THW Training Centre, Neuhausen, Near Stuttgart, Germany
  • Number of Participants: 45
  • Exercise environment: Field accommodation with simulated field conditions


Exercise Aim 

Led by the Emergency Telecommunications and Logistics clusters, gear.UP is a training simulation for partner agencies and organisations to collaborate and overcome challenges together; emergency responders form a trusted network in a demanding scenario that reflects the intensity of global emergency environments. 



ETC Participants are expected to work in teams (alongside Logistics colleagues) to deploy the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) technical solutions including satellite connectivity, common networking services and security telecoms under challenging conditions and timeframes. 


Who can participate?

The exercise simulation requires skilled and experienced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) technicians and emergency response managers. Technicians will need to have had prior training or experience in the tools and technologies being used, especially within a field and/or emergency context. 

Participants from UN agencies, Stand-by Partners and NGOs are invited to attend. 

Note*: The information on this page relates to the ETC part of the exercise, which is relevant to humanitarians with an IT background. Those with a Logistics background, please click here or refer to your Logistics Cluster focal point.

**Applicants from a non-IT background are unlikely to get full value from this exercise. It is recommended that only those with an IT background apply.

The following profiles are required:




ETC Coordinator


Strong management & coordination skills, strong IT & emergency background. Ideally has completed a relevant course delivered as part of the ETC Coordinator learning pathway and holds project management qualifications.

ETC Deputy Coordinator 


Strong management & coordination skills, plus information management skills, IT background. Ideally has completed a relevant course delivered as part of the ETC Coordinator learning pathway and holds project management qualifications..

Information Management Officer


Strong Information Management skills in an emergency context, preferably supporting IT field operations.

Project Officer - Services for Communities x2 Prior experience in designing and implementing projects for affected populations in humanitarian crises, (including different aspects of needs identification, managing stakeholders, cost, procurement, visibilities) by devising a clear list of activities and completion of tasks; preferably with hands-on experience in setting up project sites.  

Deployment Team Leader


Strong technical skills, basic leadership of small teams, basic management skills. Ideally has relevant experience in ETC technical solutions and has shown the potential to lead. Strong emergency experience.

Telecom Specialist


Strong VHF skills, basic HF skills. Has passed Let's Comm, UNICEF's "Emergency Telecommunications Training", IFRC IT&T ERU Technical Training Course or an equivalent course.

IT/Networking Specialist


Strong LAN/WLAN and/or VSAT skills. Has passed Let's Net, UNICEF's "Emergency Telecommunications Training" or an equivalent course.

User Support


Strong desktop support skills, including LAN cabling & setup.


Selection Criteria

Applications will be considered based on the following criteria: 

  • ETC Partner organizations 
  • Willingness to be deployed in future emergency response and ability to apply skills learnt  
  • Appropriate fit to the skills profiles 
  • Sufficient technical background to be effective 
  • Nomination from an appropriate global level manager 
  • Emergency experience 

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by 14 June '24


Application Process


  1. Nomination Letter

Nominations must come from a manager that is responsible for emergency IT and telecommunications across your organisation globally (for example, a CIO). Nominations cannot come from individual applicants, or Country Level Managers (unless your organisation does not have a Global Level).  Please refer to this list of official Nominators for various organisations. 

The nomination letter (on organisation letterhead) should include the following information: 

  • Full name, organization and position title of the candidate being recommended 
  • Full name, organization and position title of the nominator 
  • A statement indicating that the candidate will be released from 14 – 21 September inclusive (plus travel time) and that all expenses related to travel to / from the exercise, DSA (as applicable) and other incidentals (beyond the exercise duration) will be covered by the nominating organization.
  • Confirmation of the candidate’s ICT experience from a technical, field and emergency perspective 
  • A statement to the person’s character, ability to deal and manage situations under pressure with tight timelines 
  • A statement indicating the likelihood of the candidate being deployed to the field for an emergency in the future 


  1. Your C.V.

  2. Complete and submit the online application form here.


For your application to be considered, please email global.gearup@ with the nomination letter, your C.V. and a screenshot showing the successful completion of the online application form. 


Costing and funding

There are no costs for the training event itself. Accommodation and full-board catering will be provided from 14-21 September (covered up till lunch on 21 September 2024). Participating organisations are responsible for costs related to travel and terminals (as well as potential catering/accommodation outside this period).